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Gordon Jin

July 26, 2017

Gordon Jin, an academic staff member with the engineering co-operative education office, has been appointed chair of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s (CSCE) Honours and Fellowships Committee for a two-year term. CSCE’s awards recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence in civil engineering. The CSCE awards program is administered jointly by the CSCE Honours and Fellowships Committee and by the CSCE Foundation Trustees and funded by the generosity of CSCE members and others who support the society’s mission. Mr. Jin is a registered professional engineer in Newfoundland and Labrador and he has been an academic staff member with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science’s co-operative education office for the past eight. He is a fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, a fellow of Engineers Canada and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. Mr. Jin was also awarded the James A. Vance Award from CSCE and awarded the EIC Canadian Pacific Railway Engineering Medal.