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Meet Memorial

Future choices

Pharmacy background a 'puzzle piece' for building viable social enterprise


Subject specialists

Memorial ranks high for ocean technology-related research in world university rankings


Innovative technology

Physicist collaborates with Australian university to improve thermal imagers

Summer Jobs

Housing insecurity

Community-led housing can improve Arctic homelessness, says CRC


Testing and treatment

Provincial collaboration working to de-implement low value health care

Summer Jobs

An equation for success

Mathematicians collaborating with Colombian university this summer

Summer Jobs

Coastal restoration

Researchers use summer months to build artificial reefs in Placentia Bay

Campus and Community

Creating a legacy

Enriching the world with love and respect through education

Summer Jobs

A whale of a summer

Visual arts professor captures N.L. blue whales in a new light at Royal Ontario Museum

Summer Jobs

Listening to landscapes

How one Memorial couple is using drones to discover archaeological dig sites