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Dr. Patrick Gagnon

January 13, 2016

Dr. Patrick Gagnon, associate professor, Department of Ocean Sciences, presented at the 96th annual meeting of the Western Society of Naturalists, from Nov. 5-8, in Sacramento, Calif., on the subject of Mechanisms of Displacement, Abrasion, and Overturning in Rhodoliths from Southeastern Newfoundland, Canada. Dr. Gagnon also attended the fifth international Rhodolith Workshop from July 27-31, 2015, in San Jose, Costa Rica, on the Effects of Substratum, Rhodolith Density, and Wave Velocity on Displacement and Abrasion of Rhodoliths (Lithothamnion glaciale) from Southeastern Newfoundland, Canada, as well as being an invited speaker in the fall 2015 Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Seminar Series at California State University, Moss Landing, Calif., on Nov. 12, 2015.
The title of Dr. Gagnon’s presentation at the seminar was Importance of Environmental Variability to the Functioning of Major Subtidal Benthic Systems in Eastern Canada.