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Dr. Walter Okshevsky

March 16, 2016

Dr. Walter Okshevsky, Faculty of Education, cross-appointed to the Department of Philosophy, was invited to submit a paper for a special issue of Educational Theory: Symposium on Jurgen Habermas, Public Reason and Education. His paper is titled Discourse, Justification and Education: Jurgen Habermas on Moral Epistemology, Dialogical Conditions of Moral Justification and Education for Deliberative Democracy. Other invited Memorial contributors to the symposium are Dr. Scott Johnston, Department of Philosophy and Faculty of Education, and Dr. Christopher Martin, Faculty of Education, Memorial University and Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. The issue is scheduled to appear September 2016. Drs. Walter Okshevsky, Chris Martin, and Darron Kelly, Faculty of Education, Memorial University, will present parts of their research on this topic at a panel session at the annual conference of the International Philosophy of Education Society, March 17-21, Toronto, Ont.