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Yajun Yu

June 14, 2016

Yajun Yu, a PhD student in the Discipline of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, and supervised by Dr. Sevtap Savas, presented his work on colorectal cancer and prognostic markers at two conferences recently.

Mr. Yu gave an oral presentation at the Target Meeting’s Fourth World Cancer Online Conference on May 19, 2016, titled Structural Variants in TGFBR3, STEAP2, and FILIP1L Genes May Associate with Disease Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer.

As well, Mr. Yu presented at the fifth annual Canadian Human Statistical Genetics Meeting held in Halifax, N.S., from April 16-19, 2016, on the topic Common Copy Number Variations (CNVs) and Relapse-free Survival in Colorectal Cancer. The presentation focused on his work on identifying possible prognostic markers of colorectal cancer which may help with better treatment of patients with this disease. Other contributors of his work were Salem Werdyani, Georgia Skardasi, Jingxiong Xu, Konstantin Shestopaloff, Wei Xu, Elizabeth Dicks, Jane Green, Yildiz Yilmaz, Patrick Parfrey and Sevtap Savas. His project was mainly funded by the Dean’s Innovation Fund-Medical Research Foundation, at the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University and Colon Cancer Canada, in addition to many other funders that previously funded the patient and data collection by the Newfoundland Colorectal Cancer Registry investigators, such as CIHR, RDC and ACOA.