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One Hit Wonders

Special collections librarian pens unconventional whodunit

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One Hit Wonders is the latest novel by awarding-winning writer and Memorial Libraries’ special collections librarian Patrick Warner.

It could be described as a mystery but don’t expect a conventional whodunit.

“I tried to write it like a straight-forward thriller but my mind doesn’t work that way,” said Mr. Warner. “I get bored too easily.”

The novel sweeps the reader along with its frenetic pace, which is due in part to the fact that Mr. Warner wrote much of the book over his lunch hour while continuing to work at the Queen Elizabeth II Library. The characters of One Hit Wonders are petty criminals who are complicated enough for empathy and likeability, and with antics that are sure to provide some laughs for the reader along the way.

“It’s a comic novel about grief,” said Mr. Warner.  “To me, humour and tragedy very much go hand-in-hand, but a lot of people shy away from mixing them up in the way that I have.”

Imagine the HBO series Breaking Bad but set in St. John’s with a bunch of locals as the main characters; it’s that kind of book.

The book is available from Breakwater Books.


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