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English professor publishes comic dictionary

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Written in straightforward, jargon-free language, A Concise Dictionary of Comics guides students, researchers, readers and educators of all ages and at all levels of comics expertise.

It provides them with a dictionary that doubles as a compendium of comics scholarship.

Clear and informative

A Concise Dictionary of Comics provides clear and informative definitions for each term. It includes 25 witty illustrations and pairs most defined terms with references to books, articles, book chapters and other relevant critical sources.

All references are dated and listed in an extensive, up-to-date bibliography of comics scholarship. Each term is also categorized according to type in an index of thematic groupings.

This organization serves as a pedagogical aid for teachers and students learning about a specific facet of comics studies and as a research tool for scholars who are unfamiliar with a particular term but know what category it falls into.

Vital reference

These features make A Concise Dictionary of Comics especially useful for critics, students, teachers and researchers, and a vital reference to anyone else who wants to learn more about comics.

Authored by Dr. Nancy Pedri, professor, Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and illustrated by Chuck Howitt, A Concise Dictionary of Comics is published by the University of Mississippi Press.

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