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New funding grants available for academic-industry collaborations

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By Jeff Green

A new federal-provincial partnership will fund research undertaken by Memorial and industrial partners aimed at supporting regional priorities.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Research & Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador (RDC) are partnering to fund innovative research and development projects.

The collaborative initiative supports priority sectors to capitalize on the province’s competitive advantages.

“Our vision for 2020 is to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators.” — Dr. B. Mario Pinto

On Jan. 28, Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research), hosted a meeting between NSERC, RDC and other funding partners on the St. John’s Campus to discuss this new partnership agreement. Dr. Bettina Hamelin, NSERC’s vice-president of research partnerships, was in attendance and took this opportunity to visit Memorial, learn about its research expertise, success, priorities and future plans. She also attended a tour of various research facilities in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the Marine Institute and the Ocean Sciences Centre.

“This new partnership will provide our researchers with the opportunity to access important funding to fuel research that has both economic and societal benefits for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and indeed the entire country,” said Dr. Marceau. “Additionally, through important collaborations with industry, our research students will gain valuable technical skills. Memorial is grateful for the continued support of both NSERC and RDC in fostering this research success.”

Applicants must demonstrate project alignment with industry needs or development opportunities, along with significant potential for economic impact in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“NSERC is delighted to be part of this exemplary federal -provincial partnership with RDC to jointly fund a collaborative R&D project involving industrial partners to benefit Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Dr. B. Mario Pinto, president, NSERC. “Through this partnership, Memorial University and others in the community will be eligible to apply simultaneously for funding administered by both organizations.  Our vision for 2020 is to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators.  Partnerships such as the one being announced today play an important role in achieving this vision and delivering benefits for Canadians.”

Direct project costs will be shared by the industrial partner(s), RDC and NSERC. Projects may range from one year to five years in duration.

“RDC is pleased to partner with NSERC to further support academic and industry collaborations,” said Mark Ploughman, acting chief executive officer, Research & Development Corporation. “We value our partnership with NSERC as it allows researchers to enhance research and development capacity with the potential for economic impact in the province. It also provides additional opportunity for students to be trained in essential technical areas required by industry.”

Upcoming information sessions

NSERC and RDC are hosting town hall information sessions on the St. John’s Campus. At these sessions, researchers will be given tips on how to prepare an application for the Collaborative Research and Development Grant.

NSERC and RDC representatives will also be available to answer questions on the application process.

Researchers are invited to attend one of the following sessions on Wednesday, Feb. 24:

Learn more

For more information on the RDC-NSERC CRD program, please consult the RDC website and/or contact the NSERC Atlantic Office.

Who is RDC?

RDC is responsible for improving the province’s research and development performance. It focuses on supporting highly qualified people, world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge research that aligns with industry needs and development opportunities.

Who is NSERC?

NSERC invests over $1 billion each year in natural sciences and engineering research in Canada. NSERC’s investments deliver discoveries, valuable world-firsts in knowledge claimed by a brain trust of over 11,300 professors. This investment enables partnerships and collaborations that connect industry with discoveries and the people behind them. Researcher-industry partnerships established by NSERC help inform research and discovery, solve scale-up challenges and reduce the risks of developing high-potential technology.

NSERC’s investments provide scholarships and hands-on training experience for the next generation of science and engineering leaders in Canada, almost 30,000 post-secondary students and post-doctoral fellows.

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