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Business faculty offers students career guidance with portal, workshops

Student Life

By Susan White

The perfect resumé tells a story.

Matthew Pike, left, a white man in his early 30s, and Paula Strickland, a white woman in her early 30s, stand in front of a teal pop-up banner that reads "Embark."
From left, Matthew Pike and Paula Strickland are career success co-ordinators at Embark.

It conveys a personal brand while also helping a job seeker stand out among the many applications that employers receive.

For students who are just starting out, it sometimes takes an outside perspective to craft a resumé that gets noticed.

Now, business students have access to just that perspective through Embark, a new student and career success portal at the Faculty of Business Administration.

“It’s a competitive job market out there, and the skills developed through Memorial’s business programs can be the factor that sets you apart, whether it’s experience with accounting software, leadership in a team setting or expertise in sales,” said Matthew Pike, a career success co-ordinator at Embark. “We spend a lot of time with students helping them best present their individual skills.”

Embark is also open to graduates up to one year after convocation.

Addressing a gap

Located in the Business building on the St. John’s campus, the centre was created following the faculty’s 2020 review of its undergraduate programs.

“We’ve had some amazing employers and positions [posted] on our job board.” — Matthew Pike

Student and alumni surveys were conducted as part of that process, which identified career development as an area that business students need.

“Embark addresses this gap,” said Dr. Travor Brown, dean. “It provides our students with better guidance in preparing meaningful careers, and also for finding work that helps them gain valuable experience during their studies.”

Embark has been quietly operating since the spring.

The Embark Hour

Now, with newly renovated space in the building, the centre is ready to offer a suite of services including the Embark Hour.

The Embark Hour launches on Oct. 3 with wellness initiatives on Tuesdays in the RBC Atrium, workshops on Wednesdays at Embark and resumé clinics on Thursdays in the RBC Atrium.

“Right now, our short-term goal is raising awareness among business students,” said Mr. Pike. “We’d like for Embark to be a regular part of academic life. Any time business students are looking for a job, be it part-time work or a full-time job after graduation, we hope they’ll come to us for advice and support in the same way they would seek out an academic advisor.”

Alex John, an international student from India, will graduate with a commerce degree this fall.

He has used Embark’s resumé critique and career advising services.

“I found the experience very convenient and helpful,” said Mr. John. “Matt and Paula [Strickland, Embark’s other career success co-ordinator] are genuinely passionate about their work and took a keen interest in understanding my career goals. They helped me address the weaknesses in my resumé while emphasizing my strengths to align with the job requirements of the positions I’m interested in.”

Exclusive job board for business students

One of Embark’s key offerings is a job board that’s exclusively for business students.

Employers interested in hiring business students may post jobs here.

“We’ve had some amazing employers and positions on our job board,” Mr. Pike said. “Our long-term goal is to create a hub for business students and employers so that if someone is hiring or looking for a job, the first thing they think of is Embark.

“We’re making connections between students, alumni and employer partners,” he added. “We’re just getting started, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this network will grow.”

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