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Spring music graduate discovers passion for trumpet performance

special feature: Student success spring 2018

Part of a special feature celebrating the success of Memorial's graduates. This feature coincides with spring 2018 convocation ceremonies.

By Marcia Porter

When new spring graduate Katherine Moffatt held her graduation recital at the School of Music recently, she performed Eric Morales’ Path of Discovery, a piece of music well-suited for demonstrating the power and versatility of the trumpet.

“I love the sound,” said Ms. Moffatt, who has played the trumpet since Grade Four, when she placed it on her top three list of instruments she wanted to play in the school band. “It can be warm, beautiful and sweet, but it can also be really powerful.”

The St. John’s native, who will collect her bachelor of music degree during convocation ceremonies on Friday, June 1, says she’s “always known” that the trumpet was for her and sees it as an extension of her personality.

“It’s an instrument in which every player can have their own unique sound and it has been so fun crafting my own voice over the years.”

Happy decision

She continued playing trumpet as a student at St. Bonaventure’s College. Over the years, she thought about studying music full time at university.

But she was a little hesitant. Instead, this outdoorsy, naturally athletic Ultimate Frisbee player registered for kinesiology at Memorial.

“Memorial’s School of Music is just such a great place. It’s a perfect size.” — Katherine Moffatt

It was upon hearing that her good friends and fellow St. Bon’s trumpet players, Emily Finch and Michael O’Keefe, were headed off to the School of Music that gave her the push she needed.

“It’s a decision I’m very happy to have made — Memorial’s School of Music is just such a great place,” she said. “It’s a perfect size. It’s big enough that there’s lots going on at the school, but small enough that you get so many opportunities to perform.”

In fact, performing caught her fancy. In her second year, she auditioned to become a performance major in Dr. Alan Klaus’ trumpet studio.

“There is no better feeling than performing on stage, taking lots of risks and just immersing yourself in the music.”

Passionate about performing

As an instrumentalist majoring in trumpet performance at the school, Ms. Moffatt played regularly in the wind, jazz and trumpet ensembles and the chamber orchestra.

“Being able to perform in different combinations, with so many people gives you so much experience that I don’t think you would get in a really big school or really small school,” she said.

During third year, she entered the school’s concerto competition, thinking it was a great performance opportunity. She won the competition and, this past March, played the Artunian trumpet concerto in the MUN Wind Ensemble’s spring concert.

Not surprisingly, Ms. Moffatt has had her pick of universities for graduate school. This fall, she will attend the University of Toronto for her master’s degree in trumpet performance.

“I’m taking things one step at a time. Right now, I know I want to play the trumpet and continue my studies and become the best I can be on my instrument.”

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