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English professor edits newest edition of playwright anthology

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Edited by Dr. Denyse Lynde, The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays: Volume 3 is the newest edition to the publishing house’s playwright anthology series.

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays: Volume 3 offers a rich and varied collection of dramatic works by some of Newfoundland’s best playwrights.

Six plays

Included in the volume are Robert Chafe’s Belly Up, a funny, poignant story about a blind man torn between his sense of fear and responsibility; Aiden Flynn’s The Monk, a thoughtful take of an ancient Norse town in the throes of ideological upheaval; Andy Jones’s Albert, a captivating play about an eccentric man and the curse on his love life; Lisa Moore’s February, a haunting story of a woman shattered by her husband’s death; Edward Riche’s Hail, a riveting play about four friends who reunite over a past that threatens to come back to haunt them; and Berni Stapleton’s A Rum for the Money, a funny, moving story of three rum-runners questioning their lives as they encounter inexplicable scenarios in a dory in the North Atlantic.

Breakwater Books partnered with Playwrights Canada Press in the publication of these play anthologies to address the needed publication of more Newfoundland playwrights. The commitment to publish at least three volumes was initially made in 2010, with a new volume published in 2010, 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Branded series

All volumes showcase paintings by established Newfoundland artists and have been branded as a series along with The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry (editors Langer and Callahan) and The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Short Fiction (edited by the Department of English’s Dr. Larry Mathews).

Dr. Lynde is a professor of English at Memorial University, specializing in Canadian and Newfoundland drama.

Find more information about the volume here.

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