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Geochronology text

Earth Sciences' professor co-edits comprehensive and practical guide to rapidly developing field

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Geochronology is the science of determining the ages and rates of Earth processes.

Different methodologies in this field tell geoscientists different things about the history of these processes, such as when a mineral crystallized out of a magma, or when a mountain belt was uplifted, or when sediments were deposited, or when metamorphic forces changed the properties of a rock.

Department of Earth Sciences’ faculty member Dr. Steven Denyszyn co-edited the textbook, Methods and Applications of Geochronology, with colleagues J. Gregory Shellnutt and Kenshi Suga.

Methods and Applications of Geochronology provides a comprehensive, practical guide to the rapidly developing field of geochronology.

Authoritative guide

Leading experts in their specific field of geochronology author chapters and discuss practical information and best practices for establishing laboratories, using appropriate analytical equipment and handling data.

Methods and Applications of Geochronology is an authoritative guide not only for the foundational principles of geochronological research, but also descriptions of analytical methods and guidance for sample selection, all the way to data reduction and presentation.

The text also features the latest techniques and recommended tools for the most common geochronological methods; includes perspectives from a variety of well-respected researchers in the field, each representing different specialties of geochronology; and bridges the gap between theory and application, offering practical advice and relevant case studies throughout.

Methods and Applications of Geochronology is published by Elsevier.

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