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The World of Sea Cucumbers

Ocean Sciences' faculty member and international expert co-edits textbook

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The World of Sea Cucumbers: Challenges, Advances, and Innovations provides broad coverage of sea cucumber biology, ecology, fisheries, aquaculture and trade while also bringing forward novel cultural, socio-economic and scientific topics related to commercial and non-commercial species worldwide.

Written by international experts in their respective fields, the book offers a unique outlook into the fascinating world of sea cucumbers while also providing valuable information to various stakeholders and researchers.

Department of Oceans Sciences’ faculty member Dr. Annie Mercier co-edited the text with fellow editors Jean-Francois Hamel, Andrew Suhrbier and Christopher Pearce.

Published by Elsevier

Commercial fisheries and aquaculture programs are addressed, especially as they relate to emerging species, but the book also covers novel, understudied or lesser-known biological, ecological, and commercial aspects.

The involvement of Indigenous peoples and minorities in various community-level initiatives and the cultural significance/impact of sea cucumbers in many regions are also examined.

Finally, breakthroughs and emerging biotechnologies centered on sea cucumbers are presented.

The World of Sea Cucumbers is published by Elsevier.

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