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Beautiful breakthrough

Memorial entrepreneurs' app connecting clients with beauty services

Student Life

By Dr. Hanh Do

BeauSync will revolutionize how clients find reliable freelance beauty professionals, its creators say.

Kelvin Idogun, a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and Memorial alumnus Dr. Cleverson Esene co-developed the app and are readying its launch.

BeauSync’s concept?

To provide a seamless connection between customers and providers within the beauty industry.

By integrating advanced technology with a user-friendly interface, BeauSync allows beauty professionals to showcase their work, connect with new clients and build their businesses.

For beauty service clients, the app offers a curated selection of services, enabling them to find and book appointments with confidence.

BeauSync features detailed profiles, user reviews and a robust rating system.

Origin story

BeauSync’s inception emerged from identifying a gap in the beauty industry, say the pair.

They observed freelancers struggle for visibility while clients sought trustworthy services.

The men conducted in-depth interviews and surveys with more than 100 beauty industry professionals and potential clients.

“This process allowed us to gather detailed insights into their daily challenges, preferences and the inefficiencies they face in the current market setup,” said Mr. Idogun. “It became evident that both service providers and clients were in dire need of a streamlined, reliable platform to facilitate connections, leading to the conceptualization of BeauSync.”

AI-driven matchmaking algorithms and secure cloud-based data management resulted in a responsive user interface, they say.

“Our goal is to ensure that every interaction on the platform not only meets, but exceeds, expectations for quality and reliability.” — Dr. Cleverson Esene

BeauSync is intuitive and efficient, but also robust and scalable to give freelancers and clients a “seamless” experience.

“Our goal is to ensure that every interaction on the platform not only meets, but exceeds, expectations for quality and reliability,” said Dr. Esene, who holds master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering from Memorial.

Beauty ecosystem

Mr. Idogun says many freelancers shared stories of struggling to market their skills effectively and that clients expressed frustration over finding and booking services that meet their standards.

“BeauSync directly responds to these concerns, creating a platform where professionals can confidently showcase their work and clients can easily access the services they need,” he said.

Dr. Esene added: “BeauSync is a digital marketplace that simplifies finding and booking beauty services and ensures that these interactions are based on trust and quality assurance.”

Even before its official launch, BeauSync has received acclaim: it was a finalist in Genesis’ Evolution pitch showcase competition.

The launch is close, they say.

They are focusing on enhancing the app’s user experience and ensuring the platform’s intuitive use is satisfactory.

The next phase involves a targeted customer acquisition and retention campaign.

Academic foundations of entrepreneurship

Mr. Idogun’s entrepreneurial journey is deeply intertwined with his experiences at Memorial University.

“BeauSync will offer an unparalleled platform for both beauty professionals and clients from day one.” — Kelvin Idogun

Participation in Memorial University’s Entrepreneurship Training Program-Discover in fall 2023 and Genesis’ Evolution Program was pivotal in shaping the vision and development of BeauSync, he says.

“These programs offered me not only the foundational business knowledge and skills but also the inspiration and support network crucial for navigating the startup ecosystem,” he said. “These experiences have not only shaped BeauSync’s development, but also reinforced the importance of continual learning and adaptation in entrepreneurship.”

Mr. Idogun also says that the guidance and recognition he received through the programs played a significant role in preparing BeauSync for its market debut.

“We are targeting a strategic release in the next couple of months, ensuring that every aspect of the app, from functionality to user experience, is polished and meets our high standards for quality and service,” he said. “This timeline gives us the opportunity to incorporate final user feedback and make any necessary adjustments, guaranteeing BeauSync will offer an unparalleled platform for both beauty professionals and clients from day one.”

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