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A gift that echoes

Alumnus' timeless influence honoured by N.L. project management institute

Campus and Community

By Sarah Joy Cook

It’s been more than two decades since Jamie Morry passed away, yet his legacy continues to inspire.

Smiling man with grey shirt, holds his his dog.
Jamie Morry with his dog
Photo: Submitted

Through the Jamie Morry Memorial Scholarship, students have been supported at Memorial University since 2000.

This annual scholarship, which continues thanks to a yearly gift from the Project Management Institute of Newfoundland and Labrador (PMI-NL), is a testament to the notion that one person’s passion and commitment to education, and the unwavering support of an organization like PMI-NL that honours those same values, can shape students’ futures.

Who was Jamie Morry?

Growing up on a small family farm in Kilbride, N.L., Mr. Morry embraced a life among animals, nature and the hard work and discipline that comes with farming.

He adored dogs, especially English setters, played hockey and enjoyed soccer. A soccer pitch was even named in his honour: the Jamie Morry Soccer Field, located at Bowring Park in St. John’s.

Mr. Morry’s dedication to education led him to Memorial University, where he graduated with an honours degree in computer science in 1984. 
Described as a “brilliant man and a hard worker” by his sister Jeannie Reddy, Mr. Morry was also a devoted husband and a father when he died in 1999 at the age of 37. He had a lasting impact on all those who knew and loved him.  

Karen and Jamie Morry.
Karen and Jamie Morry
Photo: Submitted

Creating a legacy

A passionate advocate of project management, Mr. Morry was instrumental in forming the Newfoundland and Labrador chapter of the Project Management Institute.

His commitment to project management in the ’90s is what led to the establishment of the Jamie Morry Memorial Scholarship after his death.

Shirley Harvie, his former co-worker, recalls his dedication to forming the PMI-NL chapter.

“Jamie was very committed and excited about forming our own chapter. His enthusiasm was contagious and his contribution to start this journey was key.” 

For more than two decades, PMI-NL has faithfully upheld its commitment to the Jamie Morry Memorial Scholarship.

Kyle Ingram, PMI-NL president, affirms the chapter’s ongoing support, emphasizing their dedication to ensuring Mr. Morry’s memory is honoured properly.

“It’s a heartfelt commitment, a small tribute that echoes the warmth and generosity Jamie shared with his whole community.” – Kyle Ingram

“PMI-NL is honoured to carry forth Jamie’s legacy through our continued support of this scholarship in his name. It’s a heartfelt commitment, a small tribute that echoes the warmth and generosity Jamie shared with his whole community,” he said. “We recognize the significant work he did, paving the way for the PMI-NL chapter and leaving an indelible mark on our organization.”

The Jamie Morry Memorial Scholarship, available to undergraduate students pursuing business administration, with a focus on management information systems or management science, has been awarded to 23 deserving recipients to date.

The scholarship recognizes and supports the academic endeavours of students committed to the disciplines that Mr. Morry held dear. 

‘We are honoured that he is still remembered’

For Mr. Morry’s family, the continuation of the scholarship for nearly 25 years is a source of deep gratitude and pride.

If he were here today, his widow, Karen Morry, says he would be proud of the women his daughters have become, all Memorial University graduates.

Jamie Morry and his three daughters.
Jamie Morry with his three daughters
Photo: Submitted

His family often encounters people who remember him fondly, sharing stories that keep his memory alive. Mr. Morry now has two granddaughters, Willow and Eloise, and a grandson: his namesake, Jamie.   

To PMI-NL, Ms. Morry extends a heartfelt thanks for the enduring support that keeps her husband’s memory alive.

“We are honoured that he is still remembered.”  

Words of encouragement

To the recipients of the Jamie Morry Memorial Scholarship, Ms. Morry shares her best wishes for their university experience and their future careers.  
“I encourage past and future recipients to find their unique paths and to value the people they encounter along the way.” 

The generosity of Memorial University’s donors is creating incredible opportunities for student success and 100 per cent of every donation goes to a donor’s chosen award or intended area of support.

For more information about giving to Memorial University or to make a donation to support our students, please visit here.

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