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Anticipated and unexpected

President's message: Recognizing Health and Safety Week May 1–6

Campus and Community

By Dr. Neil Bose

Do you recall waking up to a special greeting on your phone this past Valentine’s Day?

The MUN Safe app sent you a notification letting you know that the university was closed due to wintry weather.

We know many people downloaded the MUN Safe app specifically for snow day notifications.

But this useful tool puts other critical messages in your hands in the event of an emergency on campus.


Memorial recently hit a huge milestone of 50,000 MUN Safe subscribers.

The app is just one important piece that’s part of Memorial’s commitment to health and safety.

In recognition of Occupational Health and Safety Week from May 1-6, I’m taking this opportunity to remind us all to keep health and safety at the forefront of our minds as we go about our work days.

I encourage you to take time to join your colleagues for one of the activities the Office of the Chief Risk Officer (OCRO) planned for this week.

Our people

Our colleagues in the OCRO are leading and shaping a culture of health and safety for Memorial.

This professional and experienced group guides us through planning and preparedness for the anticipated and the unexpected.

We only have to look at the Environmental Health and Safety and Risk teams’ activities related to infrastructure, storms and the pandemic to see this work in action.

Another team, Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP), is not only here for our community in times of emergency, but it is also here to support us in other ways, including providing treats and a reassuring presence during exams and holidays.

We have 29 Occupational Health and Safety committees spread across all our campuses. These committees are made up of a dedicated group of approximately 240 people committed to ensuring health and safety through regular engagement and inspections of spaces on our campuses.

We all have a role to play to keep ourselves and others safe in every lab, classroom and office at Memorial.

Remember: if you see it, report it.

Please use MUN Safe to report hazards, near misses, accidents, accessibility concerns or anything else you observe to ensure our teams can address these risks.

Stay safe this week and every week.

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