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Consultant engaged

Indigenous verification work at Memorial University continues

Campus and Community

By Memorial University

Memorial University has engaged the services of First Peoples Group to advance the institution’s work around Indigenous verification.

First Peoples Group is a certified Aboriginal business based in Ottawa and led by a network of Indigenous women.

It offers community-based Indigenous knowledge and has experience working in the post-secondary education sector.

Starting immediately and continuing throughout the fall, First Peoples Group will work with Memorial University to prepare and plan for consultations with key stakeholders including Indigenous leaders, Indigenous organizations, faculty, staff and students.

These consultations will take place in winter 2024. First Peoples Group will provide a report with recommendations for Memorial University in April 2024.

Continuing on the path

Work over the past number of months has helped Memorial University navigate this important and sensitive journey and all input along the way is appreciated and has helped to guide the university to this point of engaging First Peoples Group.

We look forward to continuing on this path.

Memorial will reach out with more information as preparation and planning continue and we value your continued contribution to this process.

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