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Japanese group offers culture-immersive activities for everyone

Campus and Community

By Catherine Oram

Shared enthusiasm for Japanese culture and language led students of Memorial’s Japanese language introductory courses to create a space for those with common interests.

Love for the culture of Japan, stemming from different origins such as historical interest, cuisine, friends, and even childhood entertainment favourites such as Pokemon and Sailor Moon, are all sparks that can lead people toward an interest in Japan, and this interest has the positive potential to expand into greater cultural appreciation.

Shared love

With this in mind, a space to actively share these interests was formed in the spring semester of 2016. From all different cultures and backgrounds, the Japanese Culture Club was founded upon a shared love for the Japanese language and the country’s various cultures.

An example of Japanese jewllery boxes.
An example of Japanese jewlery boxes.
Photo: Submitted

The Japanese Culture Club has been established at Memorial University for students, and all those who are interested in Japanese Culture and Language.

Developing an understanding of a culture separate from one’s own is enriching and grounding. It also creates a greater sense of understanding and appreciation for the historical traditions and values of not only the culture of interest, but of your own.

Building upon cultural interest enlightens a deeper sense of self. You both extend your breadth of knowledge and broaden your point of view, opening up a wealth of opportunities for new and meaningful relationships.

Cross-cultural opportunities

This university club offers the opportunity to engage and connect with people of various backgrounds, and learn about a shared culture of interest. The cross-cultural opportunity of exploring differences and similarities between Canadian (and, of course, other) cultures with Japanese culture is one of the tremendous experiences the club has to offer.

This club offers these opportunities through events akin to the Japanese Cinema night. Recently, the Japanese Culture Club supported yet another successful Japanese Cinema Night at Memorial’s St. John’s campus. Many guests attended in support of the cinema night co-presented by the Japan Foundation, including Victor Young, the Honorary Consul General of Japan in St. John’s.

The Japanese Culture Club hosted a film screening recently.
The Japanese Culture Club hosted a film screening recently.
Photo: Submitted

Families, students and culture aficionados alike gathered to watch the mouth-watering and heart-touching film Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story. Through this film, guests were able to gain insight about traditional social and culinary practices within the Kaga Domain of the Edo period of Japan. The film is presented with English subtitles in order to reach a wider audience.

Popular event

This culture-oriented event gathered guests from many different cultures and backgrounds, and brought everyone together to share an immersive and positively entertaining evening.

Approximately 150 guests attended the cinema night, as well as Newfoundland’s Japanese Society, who invited guests to consider breathtaking Japanese origami ornaments, jewelry and jewelry boxes, traditional Japanese dress such as the Yukata and various crafted accessories such as Japanese fans.

Refreshments were offered during the engaging social that followed the film — much needed after the delicious display of Samurai cooking.

Memorial University’s Japanese Culture Club offers a place for people to come together and discuss shared interests through various activities. The club hopes to provide future opportunities for more culture-immersive events in the future, through fun socials such as karaoke, origami, sushi and Japanese game nights.

Whether it be through history, social tradition, or modern entertainment, Memorial’s Japanese Culture Club invites you to engage in learning about the various traditions and culture of Japan — everyone is welcome!

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