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Memorial’s St. John’s campus designated Fair Trade Campus

Campus and Community

By Laura Barron

Memorial University’s St. John’s campus has been named a Fair Trade Campus.

Fair Trade Campus status is granted by Fairtrade Canada and the Canadian Fair Trade Network to universities and colleges that make a commitment to supporting — and educating their campus communities about — fair trade.

1/ EWB celebrate Fair Trade Campus certification

From left, Mitchell Stride, Bethany Roberts, Brandon Collier and Adam Murphy from Memorial's Engineers Without Borders.

Photo: Ritche Perez

2/ Celebrating Memorial's Fair Trade Campus certification

From left, Mitchell Stride, Bethany Roberts, Brandon Collier and Adam Murphy from EWB Memorial; President Kachanoski; Dr. Cecilia Reynolds, deputy provost; Suzanne Hurley, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; Toby Rowe, Sustainability Office; and Matt George, MUN Dining.

Photo: Ritche Perez

3/ A cup of fair trade

President Kachanoski enjoys a cup of fair trade coffee at an EWB event in the University Centre.

Photo: Ritche Perez

4/ Proud to support fair trade

Rex Coffin, director, Ancillary Operations, enjoys a mug of fair trade coffee.

Photo: Deena Riggs

Fairtrade Canada’s standards include social, economic and environmental requirements, and prohibit child labour and forced labour in the harvesting, production and manufacturing of goods. The standards encourage continuous improvement of developing farmers’ organizations and the living and working conditions of estate workers.

Memorial’s fair trade status is the result of a collaboration between students, faculty and staff. Spearheaded by Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a committee was formed earlier this year that included Memorial’s Office of the Deputy Provost (Students), Ancillary Operations, Sustainability Office, Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association, Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union and the St. John’s campus’ food service contractor, Aramark.

Engineers Without Borders

Bethany Roberts, a student representative of EWB at Memorial, says EWB has been a long-time supporter of fair trade on campus.

“EWB has raised awareness about fair trade through a coffee club, participation in Reverse Trick or Treating, and school outreach presentations,” said Ms. Roberts. “Becoming a Fair Trade Campus means a great deal to this university. Fair trade means that we are contributing to building a better world through our purchases. As a university, it’s a very proud day to be able to say we are supporting farmers around the world.”

19th Canadian university

Rex Coffin, director, Ancillary Operations, is proud that Memorial is the 19th Canadian university to become a Fair Trade Campus.

“We now join other campuses that are demonstrating leadership in fair trade, and continue our focus on sustainable initiatives,” said Mr. Coffin. “I am pleased to say that fair trade coffee, teas and chocolate are available in various locations across campus, including the residence dining hall, Aramark-operated retail locations, The Attic, Bitters and is also an available option at Treats.

“We had a great foundation to build on, as many of the certification requirements were already being met,” Mr. Coffin continued. “As the Fair Trade Committee was formed, we quickly realized how achievable the certification was and how motivated the stakeholders were to collaborate and make this work.”

Sept. 26-30

During Fair Trade Campus Week running Sept. 26-30, events and promotions are taking place across campus to promote fair trade and to celebrate Memorial’s new Fair Trade Campus certification.

More information on Fairtrade Canada and the Fair Trade Campus certification is available here.

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