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Message from the president

Search for provost and vice-president (academic) update

Campus and Community

By Dr. Neil Bose

I am committed to prioritizing searches for positions that are currently filled in an interim or acting capacity and am pleased to announce that Memorial has started the search process for a new provost.

The search process is being guided by the Policies and Procedures Governing the Appointment, Review, Promotion and Tenure of Academic Administrators (April 2014), which vests the authority for the search for the provost and vice-president (academic) with the president, and further provides for the composition of the search committee.

The search committee is being established and is chaired by the president. The structure of the committee is determined by the procedures noted above.

The interim secretary of Senate has been asked to conduct elections for three faculty members to sit on the committee.

As president, I will appoint two faculty members and will consult with deans to appoint decanal representatives.

The vice-president (administration and finance) will facilitate the nomination of an administrative staff member representing all campuses.

Student representatives have been asked to nominate representatives, as well.

Due care will be given to ensuring membership on the committee aligns with the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Confirmation that the search will be open, in that candidates invited for interviews will also participate in consultations with members of the university community, will be determined during the first search committee meeting.

The search will be supported by the Department of Human Resources and a senior representative will work with the search committee and the Office of the President to execute the search.

Members of the university community will be invited to provide input to the committee once it has been established.

Updates will be provided on a regular basis for the duration of the search and will be posted online.

I look forward to working with the search committee and the university community in this process to appoint Memorial’s next provost and vice-president (academic).

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