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Payroll giving

Employees and pensioners support Memorial causes

Campus and Community

By Melissa Watton

Throughout the year, as part of Memorial’s overall annual fundraising program, a number of university employees and pensioners donate every payday through payroll deduction.

Payroll gifts can support a broad range of designations across Memorial at the donors’ discretion, and can also support the Campus Food Bank (which is a separate charitable entity).

In 2020, 278 people availed of payroll deduction to support one of these causes. In total, the university received more than $100,000 through payroll deduction alone, and the Campus Food Bank received more than $6,750 through this method of support.

Payroll deduction is a great way to support our university community. Donations are processed by the Department of Human Resources on a biweekly basis (monthly for pensioners) and the tax receipt for the donation appears on the individual’s annual T4.

Supporting students

In making a donation to the university, an individual has the choice of directing their donation to support students in a variety of ways, to a more specific area, or to go where the need is greatest.

Shona Perry-Maidment, deputy registrar (strategic enrolment management), has been a donor to Memorial for 25 years.

“Scholarships made a big difference in my ability to be successful as a Memorial student. As an alumna and an employee, I wanted to pay it forward,” said Ms. Perry-Maidment.

“Through my contributions, I am delighted and proud to have created a scholarship aimed at supporting undergraduate students, particularly those from rural Newfoundland and from southern Africa. I’d like to think that my small contribution has played a role in their success here at Memorial.”

Campus Food Bank

The Campus Food Bank fills an important need for food within the campus community.  In 2019, the Campus Food Bank filled about 3,000 hampers throughout the year (from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31) with 90 per cent of those assisted being students.  Many of these students also had partners and children who needed support.

“Hunger is a cause near to my heart and I’m proud to be supporting the Campus Food Bank because it provides help to students, employees and a few others struggling with food insecurities,” said Clodie Deschenes, system analyst (payroll), Department of Human Resources.

“I’ve been donating for the last three and a half years through payroll deductions and food item donations. Payroll deduction is making the donation process easy and convenient. I can support the Campus Food Bank effortlessly all year round while payroll manages my donations for me.”

How to donate

 Supporting Memorial and the Campus Food Bank through payroll deduction is easy.

To donate to Memorial, click on the Faculty and Staff Giving at Memorial tab in the “Employees” section of the my.mun.ca portal. A form will open that will automatically populate with employee information. Within the form, individuals can choose how they want their donation directed and choose the amount they would like to donate. Once completed, a submit button at the bottom of the form completes the process. If you would like to talk to someone about establishing a scholarship or more specific fund through your payroll giving, please contact the Office of Development.

To donate to the Campus Food Bank, a separate form is available in the portal in the Payroll and Banner HR section of the HR Employee Forms tab. Once completed, this form should be submitted via email to myhr@mun.ca.

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