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Planning for winter weather

Important information about weather-related cancellations and closures

Campus and Community

By Memorial University

Memorial University has a plan to keep you informed when the inevitable weather-related cancellations and closures happen.

Since Memorial is a residential institution, it is our priority to continue key operations and services for students who live on campus, even during emergencies like extreme weather.

Closures are shared via the MUN Safe app. Ensure you have the most updated version.

How the decision is made

When bad weather hits and safety is a concern, the decision to cancel classes and labs or to close the St. John’s and Marine Institute campuses is made by the university president (or his designate).

The president gets advice from a number of university units, particularly Facilities Management, which is in close contact with Environment Canada and the provincial government’s Department of Transportation and Works, as weather systems develop.

Likewise, in Corner Brook, the vice-president (Grenfell Campus) or his designate makes the decision.

snowy day
When bad weather hits safety is a primary concern.
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Keeping you informed

The university doesn’t close except under unusual circumstances.

But in the event of severe weather or other emergencies when Memorial has to cancel classes or close, information will be available through a variety of communications channels. And with a community of more than 18,000 students and more than 5,000 faculty and staff, the university aims to get the word out fast.

MUN Safe is the primary communications tool to inform the Grenfell Campus, St. John’s and Marine Institute communities of closures.

To ensure you are informed about closure announcements, you require the most updated version of the MUN Safe app for Apple and Android Devices. Ensure you have your campus selected and your phone set to receive notifications from MUN Safe. Visit the MUN Safe website for more information, including how to download the app and ensure you have the current version.

In St. John’s, when closures happen midway through the day, information is shared via MUN Safe as well as on the Gazette, mun.ca, social media (@MemorialU on Twitter and Memorial University on Facebook) and via Newsline email or email notifications. Sign up for email notifications here. The student unions and key university units, such as the Queen Elizabeth II Library and The Works, are notified by phone.

The Marine Institute notifies students, faculty and staff of closures and cancellations on its website www.mi.mun.ca, and via Twitter  and Facebook page.

At Grenfell Campus, in addition to the MUN Safe Grenfell notifications, notices are sent out via email, as well as posted on Twitter (@grenfellcampus) and Grenfell’s Facebook page.

Information is also communicated to the news media for public broadcast.

No announcements regarding opening as usual

Memorial University does not issue announcements regarding opening as usual, only regarding delayed openings or early closures. When the university is open, individual units may close at their discretion.

For cancellation notices in the Avalon region concerning a total closure of the university, Memorial University should be understood to include all faculties, schools and units of the university, including the Memorial University Childcare Centre, the Centre for Nursing Studies and the Marine Institute.

Cancellations at Memorial’s facilities outside the Avalon region, including Grenfell Campus and the Labrador Institute, are handled by those units. As a separately incorporated entity, The Works is not considered a part of Memorial University for the purposes of early closure/delayed opening messages and will issue its own notifications.

Timing of announcements

Early closures during the day are announced at least one hour in advance.

Advisories for late openings and all-day closures are issued by 7 a.m.

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