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Prepared to respond

Officer training ensures readiness for modern, ever-changing university

Campus and Community

By Sandy Woolfrey-Fahey

Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) serves as Memorial St. John’s campus’ first responders to many challenging situations.

CEP officers respond to more than 25 calls for service each day from routine requests, medical emergencies and sometimes serious incidents, including threatening and violent behaviours.

When things go wrong it’s important those tasked with keeping us safe are knowledgeable and confident. Officers must be prepared to respond at all times and have the necessary skills when dispatched to address a situation.

“This training makes me confident in my abilities.” — Penny Kennedy

To support this goal, in October of 2017 CEP embarked on an ambitious three-year training initiative. One of the first steps in the process was the creation of the position of professional development officer.

Alex Tucker was selected for the position from within the department’s ranks. His first task was to identify areas of opportunity for education and training.

Holistic approach

In 2018 Officer Tucker began the implementation of a holistic in-house training program for all CEP officers.

The training program is based upon national standards providing officers with certificates and/or designations and ensures officers have the skills and expertise necessary to succeed.

“Campus Enforcement and Patrol will continue to pursue educational opportunities for its staff as we strive to better respond to the needs and challenges of a modern, ever-changing university environment,” said Officer Tucker.

The suite of educational and training includes Certified Protection Officer designation; Public Safety Telecommunicator program; Advanced Security Training course; Mental Health First Aid course; Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support course; Suicide Alertness program; Diversity Awareness education; Naloxone administration training; Incident Command System course; and Cannabis Legislation Awareness. course

Well received

Feedback from Campus Enforcement and Patrol officers indicate the new training initiatives have been well received, and are aiding officers in performing their duties.

“This training makes me confident in my abilities,” said Penny Kennedy, a patrol officer with 15 years’ service.

“I believe the concepts and techniques I have learned encourage me to capitalize on my strengths and improve in needed areas, and I am better prepared to serve the university community in my role as a CEP officer.”

The training schedule is halfway through the three-year initiative; participants are meeting or are ahead of targets. Officer Tucker remains focused to providing officers with valuable and timely training opportunities.

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