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Presidential search

Update on progress April 10, 2024

Campus and Community

By Memorial University

The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) held its first meeting on Friday, April 5, 2024.

All 16 members were in attendance; the committee comprises students, faculty, staff, regents and a member of the public.

Board of Regents Chair Glenn Barnes chairs the PSC.

This first meeting provided an opportunity for members to meet each other; review the Presidential Search, Selection and Appointment policy and procedures; review the steps and schedules of recent past presidential searches; and decide on the type of search support required.

PSC members discussed their obligations to the university and wider community as they undertook the important task of recruiting Memorial’s next president and vice-chancellor.

After considering search support options, including the extent of internal capacity to support such a search, the PSC resolved to seek the services of a professional search consultant to work at the direction of the committee.

It was further agreed to form a sub-committee to develop a request for proposals from interested firms and evaluate proposals received, giving particular attention to the cost-benefit of each.

The committee also engaged in a preliminary discussion about the logistics of the search process, specifically regarding whether the candidate search and selection process should be “open or closed” — conducted with complete confidentiality or public in some phases.

This discussion will continue at a future meeting of the committee.

The committee will provide periodic updates to the broader community.

For more information about the presidential search, visit the PSC website.

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