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Business faculty gives students more than $200,000 in financial support

Campus and Community

By Susan White

To give is to receive — a mantra that Memorial alumnus Dr. Victor Young takes to heart.

Dr. Young, in remarks to students, faculty and staff members during the Faculty of Business Administration’s annual Awards and Scholarships Ceremony on June 1, said it’s the responsibility of alumni to support Memorial, much as it is the responsibility of the university to support the province.

Brad Norman, front left, and Lisa Dillon, front right, representing CIBC, pose with winners of the CIBC Undergraduate Bursary in Business Administration.
Brad Norman, front left, and Lisa Dillon, front right, representing CIBC, pose with winners of the CIBC Undergraduate Bursary in Business Administration.
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‘Meaningful role’

“Today’s event reminds me that the job of giving back is never-ending, just as the contribution of Memorial to our prosperity as a people has become its never-ending responsibility,” he said.

“Memorial remains at the core of our potential as a province and I express the hope that many of our [scholarship, bursary and award] recipients will play a meaningful role in fulfilling that potential.”

Dr. Young and his wife Eileen established the James Beresford/Ross Young MBA Bursary in memory of their fathers. It’s awarded annually to a student in the master of business administration (MBA) program who is active in community or volunteer work.

Dr. Victor Young speaking on behalf of donors at the ceremony.
Dr. Victor Young speaking on behalf of donors at the ceremony.
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“By virtue of its sacred responsibility of educating Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and, more recently, welcoming talented students from all over the world, Memorial has become a beacon for attracting and nurturing academic excellence,” he said.

In speaking directly to students, he added, “We await your magnificent contributions to the world. As it unfolds, please keep in mind the very positive role played by Memorial in your life’s journey. I encourage you, whenever the opportunity arises, to give back in whatever way you can.”

The Awards and Scholarships Ceremony celebrates the many alumni and members of the community whose donations allow the business faculty to provide over $200,000 in awards, scholarships and bursaries each year, as well as recognizes the achievements of students who receive that support. In 2017-18, 134 students were named recipients.

Student impact

Katie Keats is one such student. Ms. Keats was awarded the Costco Wholesale Canada Bursary in Business Administration in her first year of the bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program.

The bursary is renewable each year that academic and financial requirements are met, which she says provided incentive to work hard and finish her degree.

“Because of my donor, I was able to use the financial help to support my living and university costs, which allowed me to focus on my studies and extracurricular activities rather than spending my evenings and weekends working a part- or full-time job,” she said.

“Aside from helping financially, I truly believe being awarded scholarships and awards gives students a sense of accomplishment and helps to motivate them to continue to work hard.”

Ms. Keats graduated on May 30 with honours.

Prioritizing learning

Dr. Isabelle Dostaler, dean, Faculty of Business Administration, says that the scholarships, awards and bursaries program continues to grow, ensuring that students have the opportunity to prioritize their studies.

“We are grateful that the continued support of our donors and community allow us to grow this program every year and further enable our student to pursue excellence in their programs,” she said. “We truly could not do this without your support.”

For more information about financial support for students at the business faculty, please visit online.

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