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Seeking feedback

Memorial seeking input on revised policies

Campus and Community

By Memorial University

Memorial University is seeking feedback from the university community on the revised draft Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities (formerly Student Code of Conduct) and the revised draft Respectful Learning Environment Policy (formerly Non-Academic Appeals).

In 2021 a pan-institutional committee was formed to undertake work on revising both the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities and the Respectful Learning Environment Policy.

Feedback sought

“We are pleased to present an updated set of expectations to guide the student community at Memorial,” said Dr. Donna Hardy Cox, associate vice-president (academic) and dean of students. “The Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities articulates expectations for student behaviour and conduct and ensures that all students are treated fairly during their time at Memorial. It’s important that all members of the university community familiarize themselves with this updated document, and most importantly, provide feedback to help us move forward along the process to finalize the code.”

An environmental scan of similar policies and procedures in academic institutions across the country was conducted to ensure a thorough and informed review process, as well as aligning proposed changes with best practices.

The committee considered information collected from the environmental scan, ad hoc feedback from the Memorial community and information collected since the last review to inform the draft.

The updated code reflects the expectation that students will conduct themselves in compliance with university regulations and policies; departmental policies; federal, provincial and municipal laws, and codes of ethics that govern students who are members of regulated professions.

The Respectful Learning Environment (RLE) Policy ensures that student complaints about faculty members and other university employees are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. These procedures are in addition to, and do not replace, existing regulations and policies of Memorial University of Newfoundland, except where noted.

“Supporting a respectful learning environment is critical to supporting student achievement and success,” said Dr. Margaret Steele, chair of the review committee for the RLE and dean of the Faculty of Medicine. “This revised policy will help ensure that students continue to feel supported in achieving their academic goals in a safe and respectful learning environment.”

Respond by Nov. 2

The information gathered through the consultation will inform changes to the policies, which will be further revised as necessary based on input received during the consultation. Final policy approval is anticipated before the end of 2022.

The Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities is available here. The Respectful Learning Environment Policy is available here.

Memorial’s Policy Office will receive feedback until Nov. 2 via email.

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