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Sharing and giving

Families and students invited to participate in annual Holiday Hosting program

Campus and Community

By Jennifer Batten

The Internationalization Office at Memorial is once again inviting members of the Memorial community and the public to participate in the Holiday Hosting program.

The Internationalization Office has been connecting students to local families during the holidays since 2001.

“We are delighted to share that the Holiday Hosting Program is back,” said Georginne Worley, international student advisor at Memorial. “We are seeking hosts to invite two students or a family to their home for a holiday dinner. For years before the pandemic began, local families shared their holiday traditions with students from all over the world.”

The program gives both students and hosts the opportunity to be part of a multicultural gathering, experiencing and sharing different family traditions.

“What more could one ask for during the sharing and giving season?” — Tadiwa Mugwise

Tadiwa Mugwise, a social work student at Memorial, says programs like Holiday Hosting help international students feel welcome and supported all throughout the year.

“International students get rather isolated during the holiday break, especially if it’s the first one, as they have to spend it without their families and loved ones,” said Ms. Mugwise. “When I first heard of the program, I was an intern at the Internationalization Office, and I got really excited for students to get an opportunity to spend time with a local family. This will allow them to get a sense of belonging within the province and feel less isolated, while sharing cultures with each other over some tasty Christmas food. What more could one ask for during the sharing and giving season?”

Interested hosts are encouraged to contact Ms. Worley via email or by calling 709-864-3234 by Monday, Dec. 5, for details and to be matched with participating students.

Those interested in signing up will be sent a few questions to help with the matching process and will be matched with students by Dec. 16.

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