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Met at Memorial

Memorial University is celebrating all the love on Feb. 14!

By Heidi Wicks

Romantic or platonic, a spark is a spark, no matter what kind of relationship is forged.

A grid of illustrated Sweet Tart candy in multiple colours.

Many, many relationships began on a Memorial University campus, in a classroom or a shared space.

And many of the relationships have stood the test of time or have been transformative in some way or another.

While Feb. 14 is traditionally known as Valentine’s Day, this year we’re celebrating relationships between spouses, friends and groups of friends!

Tina + Dan

Three photos of Tina and Day from different years are on a green background with yellow lettering that reads, Met at Memorial, and has orange-yellow candy hearts.

Tina Stewart and Daniel Stewart first met during a Fencing Club meeting held in the basement of the Physical Education building in 1967.

Dan, a seasoned fencer, Tina, a newcomer to the sport, competed at Atlantic university competitions and at the Canada Winter Games in Saskatoon in 1971 under the guidance of the English department’s Dr. Jim Francis.

Daniel sadly passed away in 2016, after the couple spent 49 years together.

The Daniel J. Stewart Prize in Psychology is awarded annually to an undergraduate student on the Grenfell Campus, where he was a founding member of the program and taught there from 1975 until 2006.

Charlie + Drew

Two Polaroid photos of Charlie and Drew on a mustard yellow background with bright pink lettering and a candy heart.

Being born on the same day in the same year has to be a cosmic sign that two people are meant to be friends.

Charlotte and Drew became besties after meeting at Grenfell during the first year of their bachelor of fine arts (visual art) degrees.

After organizing a fundraising party at Harlow Campus together, they later became roommates during the final year of their degree.

They’ve remained friends over the years and have built a lovely life together in the house they share with two kittens. 

Ellen + Mark

Three photos from 1994, 1994 and 2021 are on a bright pink background with yellow letting that reads, Met at Memorial. Two yellow candy hearts read Be Mine and Sweet Pea.

Sticky notes on lockers were popular in the year 1994.

Memorial students left campus and went home for the summer.

It was up to the stars (and the Office of the Registrar!) to determine whether two people who felt sparks upon meeting would find each other again come fall.

After their initial connection at the Arts café in ’94, Ellen Reid and Mark Hunter lost touch, not just for a semester, but for 25 years.

But it turns out, time was just teasing them.

In 2018, thanks to a Facebook friend suggestion, a new era for Ellen and Mark began — as best friends and soul mates.

They are grateful for each other’s support, particularly during the COVID years. 

Marine Institute lifers

Three photos of a group of friends from 1973, 2023 and 2023 are on an olive green background with blue lettering that reads, "Met at Memorial" and two blue candy hearts that read Besties and You Shine.

Two classes of students who graduated from the College of Fisheries at Marine Institute in 1973 are still steadfast friends, more than 50 years later!

Gerry Snow, Wayne Ruth, George Wicks, Brian Kelly, Maurice Baker, John Butler, Dennis Johnson, Cyril French, Max Foote, Charlie Burgess, Gerry Porter and John Kryski have enjoyed varied and long careers, but remained connected and remember the time they met very fondly.

Feb. 14 fun

We’ll be sharing stories throughout the day on Feb. 14 and encourage all Memorial University alumni and friends to comment on our social posts and share your own photos and stories!

Don’t forget to tag @MemorialU and @MemorialUAlumni on Facebook and use the hashtag #MetAtMemorial so that we can see and share all of your stories.

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