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Four minutes of focus

Second annual pharmacy research lightning event on March 16


By Heidi Wicks

You can snap up a nugget of some of the exciting research being conducted by School of Pharmacy graduate students while they practice their academic, presentation and research communication skills this week.

Snappy Synopsis: Pharmacy Graduate Research in a Nutshell, is taking place on Thursday, March 16.

From left, Michelle Debnath, a 2016 Snappy Synopsis contestant, speaks to the CBC's Carolyn Stokes following her presentation.
From left, Michelle Debnath, a 2016 Snappy Synopsis contestant, speaks to the CBC’s Carolyn Stokes following her presentation.
Photo: Heidi Wicks

Using props, (amateur) actors and slides, nine graduate students will get creative in their quest to present their work in street language.

The event will give each contestant just four minutes to illustrate how their work will make a difference to any Tom, Dick or Harriet.

Dr. John Weber, associate dean of graduate studies and research, says the event is intended to promote the diverse research in the School of Pharmacy, and hopefully recruit new graduate students.

“Our graduate program has grown in the last three years by about 30 per cent and our goal is to continue to expand,” he said.

Meet the contestants!

  • Laila Albanna: Breaking Down the Barriers to HIV Testing
  • Killol Chokshi: The Name is Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke: Unravelling What Lies Beneath
  • Kathryn Dalton: What Does ‘One Size Fits All’ Actually Mean?”
  • Jennifer Donnan: Today’s Special: Choosing the Best Menu Item for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Erin Kelly: Blueberries as a Brain Booster
  • Zahed Khatooni: Novels: They Aren’t Just for Reading
  • Matthew Lamont: How Much Does Binge Drinking Affect the Developing Brain?
  • Caroline Manto-Chagas: It Works, But It Tastes Awful: Unwanted Effects of Cancer Therapy
  • Abigail Turner: Pharmacist-Assisted Death

For synopses of each presentation, visit the School of Pharmacy website.

Last year’s winner

Jennifer Donnan was one of two winners from last year’s contest. She says preparing for the competition helped her explain her research to a general audience.

“It was an opportunity for me to really focus on the important, take-home messages I wanted to convey,” she said.

The top two snappy synopses will each receive a $100 Sobeys gift card.

Snappy Synopsis takes place on March 16 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in Lecture Theatre B, Health Sciences Centre.

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