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The words "Full circle moment: Terra Nova Young Innovator rooting out methods to combat climate change" are at the left on a blue background. There is a green tab with the words "Earth Day" in the upper left-hand corner. To the right is a photo of Dr. Christina Smeaton in a white lab coat with a number of glass bottles attached to hoses in a lab.

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Latest News

C’est une fête

Memorial University marks 50 years of French immersion in Saint Pierre et Miquelon


At semester's end, Megan Smith reflects on how university life has changed her

Head start

First-year student starts Memorial University degree with four-year scholarship

Off to Oxford

Political science and chemistry joint major N.L.'s 2024 Rhodes scholar

Expressions of interest

Memorial University to host inaugural EDI-AR conference

Dec. 6 vigil

Silent vigil to be held each day during week of Dec. 4-8