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Collaboration key to further research growth at Memorial


By Jeff Green

Memorial continues to hold its own in a national ranking of the country’s top research universities.

Research Infosource released its annual Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities list on Oct. 26. According to the publication, Memorial ranks No. 20 with $91,178,000 in sponsored research income reported for fiscal year 2016, a decline of 12.7 per cent compared to fiscal year 2015 when sponsored research income was reported as $104,395,000. Memorial ranked 19 last year.

‘Critical role’

The publication focuses a spotlight on the country’s leading universities, corporations, hospitals and colleges.

“As our province’s only university, Memorial plays a critical role in driving innovation and supporting the research ideas needed to grow our knowledge-based economy in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada,” said Dr. Mark Abrahams, vice-president (research) pro tempore.

“Our researchers continue to secure increasingly competitive funding while building a culture of research excellence at Memorial.”

According to Research Infosource, fiscal 2016 was “a mixed bag” for Atlantic universities.

“Smaller institutions experienced research income growth in excess of the 2.2 per cent national average, while larger universities did not fare as well,” Ron Freedman, CEO, Research Infosource Inc., said in a release.

“Year-on-year variations in research income are par for the course. What is most important is long-term trends.”

The publication says total research income reported by the country’s 50 leading research universities rose to $6.86 billion in fiscal 2016, a 2.2 per cent gain over fiscal 2015.

Corporate support growth

Dr. Mark Abrahams is vice-president (research) pro tempore.
Dr. Mark Abrahams
Photo: Chris Hammond

Research Infosource also notes that Memorial ranks second in the country for corporate research income as a percentage of its total research income over a five-year period (fiscal years 2012-16) in the medical/doctoral category.

The publication says it measured grants or contracts received from corporate sources during that time. Dr. Abrahams says collaboration is key to further research growth at Memorial.

“Our researchers have longstanding positive relationships with industry, government and community stakeholders,” noted Dr. Abrahams.

“Memorial continues to be a sought-after national and international collaborator on important, ground-breaking research projects ranging from the creation of new technologies to helping save lives. This work cannot happen without important partnerships, including those from our corporate communities.”

Research Infosource tracks research activities of Canadian companies, universities and governments.

More about its latest listings and rankings is available online.

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