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Academic matriculation

In photos: formal ceremony serves as bookend to convocation

Student Life

By Mandy Cook

It’s official.

First-year students at Memorial marked the beginning of their university journeys on Sept. 5.

Academic matriculation is a formal welcome to Memorial, a bookend of sorts to convocation.

Photos of yesterday’s event at the Field House on the St. John’s campus follow below.

By the looks of things, it’s going to be a great year!

1/ Bring it on!

The award-winning Memorial cheerleading team brought lots of pep as new students arrived at the Field House.

Photo: Kristine Breen

2/ Sammy the Sea-Hawk

Memorial's mascot shook his tail feathers throughout the event.

Photo: Kristine Breen

3/ Field House fun

First-year students gather for the ceremony.

Photo: Kristine Breen

4/ Hands up!

Sammy warms up the crowd.

Photo: Kristine Breen

5/ The journey begins

The students get ready for the formal aspect of matriculation: the academic procession.

Photo: Kristine Breen

6/ Welcoming words

A student speaker takes to the podium while members of the academic procession look on.

Photo: Kristine Breen

7/ Memorial's chancellor

Chancellor Earl Ludlow marks the start of the students' post-secondary journeys, as he will at convocation when they complete their degree programs. Provost and Vice-president (Academic) Dr. Jennifer Lokash, second from right, told the students that their voices are "one of your most powerful tools to share your unique self and perspective with others to create the just and equitable world you want to live in."

Photo: Kristine Breen

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