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Addressing a need

First of its kind resource created for trans and gender diverse students

Student Life

By Lauchlin Ewald

Memorial launched the institution’s first Trans and Gender Diverse Students’ Guide on Jan. 10.

The guide aims to help trans and gender diverse students navigate systems within the university and the larger community.

Inclusive practices

“Navigating the many departments of Memorial to get proper names and pronouns can be incredibly challenging,” said Logan St. Croix, a student in the project’s working group.

“This will provide students with the steps they need to take to get their documentation changed within the university along with information and contacts for appropriate staff should a problem arise.”

Mr. St. Croix, who is studying communications and psychology, is a member of Memorial’s LGBTQ2S+ community and understands the struggles some students face in their university life.

“I’m a trans student and found great difficulty in finding all the steps I need to take to update my information,” he said. “I’m also a trans activist and work to advocate for inclusive practices for people in the trans community in all aspects of life.”

Helpful resources

In addition to a section on Changing Your Personal Information, the guide also outlines various Health and Wellness services offered by the Student Wellness and Counseling Centre (SWCC), like gender-affirming hormone therapy and referrals for transition-related surgeries. The guide also directs students to resources available off campus.

There is a Personal Safety and Security section with information about Memorial’s Sexual Harassment Office, how to report an incident (emergency or non-emergency), or find the Student Support Office, which can help students find the proper support during unforeseen circumstances.

During the guide’s launch event on Friday, Dr. Ailsa Craig illustrated how the guide is meant to be a resource for the trans and gender diverse students on campus.

“I’m really glad that we managed to make a resource for people who are trans and gender diverse, and not just about educating people who aren’t,” said Dr. Craig. “It works for that, but it is a resource for the people within our community.”

From left are the guide’s working members Jason Geary, Tina Hickey, Julie Temple, Ailsa Craig, Vashti Campbell, and Jennifer Browne.
Photo: Rich Blenkinsopp

The working group was chaired by Jennifer Browne, associate director, Student Life, and included Jason Geary, Student Support Office; Amy Todd, CITL; Julie Temple, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science; Vashti Campbell, PhD student; Tina Hickey, Department of Human Resources; Rachel Gough, SWCC; Missy Power, SWCC; Jennifer Porter, Office of the Registrar; Dr. Craig, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science; Logan St. Croix, Memorial student; and Summer Brushett, Memorial student.

The Trans and Gender Diverse Students’ Guide will be updated as necessary and on an ongoing basis. Any suggestions or comments to help improve the guide can be emailed to Jason Geary.

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