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Black History Month: Meet engineering student Mohannad Alrefai

Student Life

By Jackey Locke

In celebration of Black History Month, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science invited members of the Memorial University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers to share some insights on their academic experiences.

Mohannad Alrefai is Egyptian-Moroccan. Mr. Alrefai is a third-year ocean and naval architectural engineering student.

JL: Why did you choose Memorial University for your undergraduate engineering studies?

MA: I chose Memorial because it has the best ocean and naval architectural engineering program in the region.

JL: Tell us about your background before coming to Memorial for your undergraduate engineering studies.

MA: I completed one year of engineering at Dalhousie University before transferring over to Memorial. I never considered engineering as a career when I was in high school. During that time, I was more interested in film, modelling, acting and other activities. However, I chose to join engineering as it is a solid degree, while continuing to pursue my hobbies on the side.

JL: What advice would you give your first-year self when you began studying engineering?

MA: To make sure to keep up with all your classes from the get-go and really understand everything because the topics you learn in engineering will always be used in future courses. Also, make sure that you are 100 per cent committed to finishing the engineering degree as it requires a lot of determination.

JL: What are some challenges you have faced and how have you overcome those challenges?

MA: It can sometimes be challenging having to manage work, school life, social life, co-op job applications, etc.; however, having a good schedule can help with that.

JL: What do you consider to be one of your proudest moments since beginning your undergraduate engineering studies?

MA: Every semester I pass is a proud moment, knowing I’m one step closer to my goal!

Next up is student Ogheneovo Jatto — read about her in the Gazette on Saturday, Feb. 26! Profiles of members of the National Society of Black Engineers at Memorial will continue through the month of February.

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