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BBA, iBBA students gain new representation at business faculty

Student Life

By Susan White

A new society has been formed to help business students gain experience beyond academics and better connect with the Faculty of Business Administration.

The Business Administration Undergraduate Student Society (BAUSS), representing students in the bachelor of business administration (BBA) and international bachelor of business administration (iBBA) programs, held its inaugural meeting last month.

Students from the first Business Executive members of the first Business Administration Undergraduate Student Society post in front of the business building.
Executive members of the first Business Administration Undergraduate Student Society.

“I think having a business student society is important because many BBA and iBBA students go through these programs without the social experiences and opportunities that students in other faculties have,” said Erin Tucker, BBA student and co-president of the society.

“I know from experience how difficult it can be to meet other students and find ways to get involved in the school community, and I thought this was a great way to help students with this.”

Creating a community

The launch of the society is part of an ongoing initiative at the business faculty to create a sense of community with students in all its programs as well as faculty and staff members.

“By creating the BAUSS, we’re providing students with an opportunity to connect with their classmates while also creating a sense of community among the students, therefore enriching their academic experience,” said Mandy Applin, external relations and engagement officer at the faculty, who initiated the project.

“The goal is also to include commerce students in the upcoming semester, thus creating one cohesive student society that serves and connects all undergraduate students within the faculty.”

A student society for commerce students has existed for many years.

“Ideally, the society will act as the voice of the student body, advocating students’ wants and needs to the faculty and vice versa. They will also bring awareness of all business programs to the community and the larger campus-wide student body,” added Ms. Applin.

Students are welcome

The immediate goal for the BAUSS is to promote its existence to students within the BBA and iBBA programs.

“Through events, we hope to get people out of their shells and into friendships and connections that may benefit their careers.” — Margot Grant

“We need to make people aware that we exist!” said Margot Grant, iBBA student and BAUSS co-president. “Students should feel like they can join and feel welcome but if they don’t know the society exists, there is no point. Through events, we hope to get people out of their shells and into friendships and connections that may benefit their careers.”

There are also plans to offer professional development and skills training to BBA and iBBA students through the society.

“The faculty teaches us classes and provides some opportunities for career development. The society should encourage students to feel comfortable participating in these events and allow them to finish their degrees with more than a title and a piece of paper,” said Ms. Grant. “Adding to the university experience is part of the society’s goal.”

The BAUSS has set up a Facebook group and Instagram account (@munbusinesssociety) and encourages students to follow them for more information.

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