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Hub for student learning services adds new programming, resources

Student Life

By Courtenay Griffin

When it comes to learning, many students can face a myriad of challenges throughout their academic careers.

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From needing to find a study space or help centre to looking for advice on how to make a presentation or to better prepare for an exam, students’ needs will vary.

Fortunately, Memorial offers a variety of excellent services for students across its campuses.

In an effort to make it easier for students to find these services, Memorial’s Academic Success Centre (ASC) has curated many of these supports, and developed new ones, to become a learning hub within the university’s MUNUp site.

“The Academic Success Centre serves as an easy access point to navigate and connect with Memorial’s supports while also providing a collection of learning skills resources and workshops to help students achieve their academic goals,” said Alicia Wall, academic success coordinator with the ASC.

“The ASC is for all students, no matter where they are on their learning journey,” she added, “so whether learning on-campus, remotely or online, we can help students with challenges they may face in their first year, last year, or anywhere in between.”

Growing resources

Alicia Wall stands smiling in front of student lockers.
Alicia Wall
Photo: Rich Blenkinsopp

Students who visit the ASC can expect to connect with academic help centres for advice, discover programs and events that can help develop their learning skills and find timely resources that address common challenges students face each semester.

In their collection of learning skills resources, the ASC currently has more than 30 web resources and 11 videos, with popular topics such as time management, remote learning, and test and exam preparation.

“We have an ever-growing library of resources that can help students build the strong learning strategies and study skills needed to succeed in university,” Ms. Wall explained. “And we are continuing to expand on these resources as additional needs are identified.”

The ASC’s online resources, including downloadable handouts, online tools and recorded workshops, are available at any time to students when they need help.

The centre also continues to develop and offer workshops on common academic challenges, such as developing effective study habits, planning for success and beating procrastination.

Peer-assisted learning

In addition to resources the ASC recently piloted a new peer-assisted learning (PAL) initiative, an academic support program led by trained student leaders.

The student leaders facilitate peer-supported learning groups in courses that are typically challenging, providing students with opportunities to meet and work with their classmates to improve their understanding of difficult course concepts.

Adil Qureshi, a peer leader for Math 1000 in the spring 2022 semester and student in the Faculty of Business Administration, saw the benefits of the PAL program first-hand.

“Students form connections through effective study methods and by collaborating with one another,” he said. “By taking part in engaging activities together, such as Kahoot and Jeopardy, students were able to learn from each other. Students who participate in PAL regularly are more likely to score higher grades and develop a better understanding of the course content.”

Ms. Wall agrees.

“Peer-assisted learning is shown to improve student success in participating courses,” she said. “We’re excited to facilitate this program and help students develop new academic skills while learning their course material.”

Next steps will be to continue to expand the PAL program to include more courses and subject areas.

“We also encourage instructors or staff working with students to collaborate with us,” Ms. Wall added. “We can help support students’ learning needs by customizing workshops or resources for specific courses or student groups.”

All details about ASC workshops, resources and programs can be found by visiting the ASC website. Inquiries may be sent here.

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