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Mental health: Winter term Harlow correspondent says she's 'been there'

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By Nicole Noseworthy

It can be scary to open up and talk about mental health — terrifying, actually.

There is a stigma regarding mental illness and it doesn’t help when there is constant pressure to be perfect. But the truth about mental health is that everybody has it and everybody needs to take care of it as they would take care of their physical health.

The author at the Stonehenge site in England this semester.
The author at the Stonehenge site in England this semester.
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Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, are having relationship or family problems or are feeling the pressure and stress of school a little more than normal, I encourage you to make an appointment with the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre in the University Centre at Memorial.

Whether you are going through something that is clouding your thoughts, making you sad or nervous or you just want to get something off your chest, the fantastic staff and doctors will help ease your mind and calm your thoughts.

‘I have been there’

I know all of this because I have been there.

I used to put my mental health on the back burner in the pursuit of perfection. It took a major toll on me.

“It was the best decision I have ever made.”

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder last summer (which was not a shock) and took the initiative to talk to a counsellor at the centre. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best decision I have ever made. I have been taught many coping mechanisms to carry through my days, and after leaving my weekly sessions I feel more at peace with the world and myself.

Even just one session to get something off your chest or seek advice can change your mood, your thoughts and your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help.

We all need help sometimes. You wouldn’t say “I’m fine” after breaking your arm, right? So why pretend you’re fine when your thoughts are troubled? I understand the initial fear but it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle and pushing out negativity and worry. Taking the first step is the hardest but the journey towards healthy thoughts is a journey worth pursuing.

There are many options regarding how the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre can help. Make the initial appointment and then your lovely intake counsellor will work with you regarding how the centre can best work for you.

Here is how you can reach out to the counselling centre at Memorial, as well as other mental health services in Newfoundland and Labrador:

Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at Memorial

Online Mental Health Resources

Newfoundland and Labrador Crisis Centres

Newfoundland and Labrador Mental Health Crisis Line

1-888-737-4668 or (709) 737-4668

Mental Health and Addictions Systems Navigator

1-877-999-7589 or (709) 752-3916

CHANNAL Peer Support Warm Line

1-855-753-2560 or (709) 753-2560

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