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By Melanie Callahan

Access to primary and secondary health services at Grenfell Campus continues to grow.

During Grenfell’s strategic planning process, a need for expanded health and wellness services was identified. A key element in student success and satisfaction is ensuring a student’s physical and mental health needs are met, according to Grenfell’s Vision 20/20 document.

“We recognize that fostering student success requires more than just academic support,” said Dr. Matthew Janes, director, Students Services and Retention. “In addition to offering solid programming and excellence in teaching, we are committed to offering support for student mental and physical health. The wellness of our students is paramount to everything we do.”

A group of health-care professionals at Grenfell Campus stand in a row.
From left, podiatrist Joe Gash, physiotherapist Ashley Buckle, psychologist Veronica Hutchings and massage therapist Andrew Stagg. Chiropractor Kayla Wells and physician Dr. Lorena Power are also operating clinic hours at Grenfell.
Photo: Lori Lee Hollett

And as Grenfell psychologist Dr. Veronica Hutchings notes, student health and academic success go hand in hand.

“Research shows when an individual’s health suffers, so does their personal, occupational, and in the case of students, their academic functioning,” said Dr. Hutchings. “Even without the research, you know when you aren’t well you can’t focus, concentrate or remember as well as when you are feeling well; that is a big problem when you are a student. One’s health should not be a barrier to academic success. It’s fantastic that Grenfell is putting the resources in place to help students access the care they need to stay well psychologically and physically.”

Therapists on staff

A new health services centre was constructed and opened in the fall of 2014. Quickly following, a physiotherapist, massage therapist and chiropractor began operating a part-time practice for students, faculty and staff on campus. Within a few months, a podiatrist and dietician began seeing clients.

Mental health services and counselling has been available for many years, and Counselling Services is now located in the recently opened clinic on the second floor, Arts and Science Building, next to Student Services and the traditional residence. Mental health first aid classes are also being offered regularly to students, faculty, and staff.

Beginning this winter, family practice physician Dr. Lorena Power will begin a campus clinic for students.

“A university student’s life can be stressful and demanding,” said Dr. Power. “I’m happy to join Grenfell’s health services to be able to offer students access to primary medical care on campus. I am hopeful that my service will help students stay healthy as they work through their studies.”

Walk-ins available

Through a partnership with the Broadway Family Health Clinic, students have been able to avail of appointments with doctors at their clinic in downtown Corner Brook for many years. In addition to this partnership, students will now be able to access primary health care through an outpatient, walk-in clinic model that is conveniently located right on campus. Dr. Power’s efforts on campus will complement services provided by the Broadway Family clinic. The Western Regional School of Nursing has also played an important role in promoting student health on campus.

“The addition of a physician right here on campus helps us to ensure students have access to the services they need,” said Dr. Janes.

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