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Fresh space

Humanities and Social Sciences Commons cozier than ever

Student Life

By Chad Pelley

When we think of university campuses, we picture lecture halls and labs. But what about a space for that time between classes?

Wide angle view of the HSS Commons showing seating and tables
The HSS Commons is open during regular campus hours in SN-1107.
Photo: Rich Blenkinsopp

It is equally essential to have a comfortable space to study or kick back and relax between lectures.

The newly refurbished Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Commons, in SN-1107, offers HSS students just that.

It’s been equipped with new, comfortable seating, fresh paint and window treatments.

A room of their own

Students can study or relax, catch up on course work or catch up on their social media feeds, wait for their ride or bus at the end of the day, or meet a friend for coffee to talk life or academia.

Whatever they choose, HSS Commons is a room of their own.

Dr. Ailsa Craig, interim dean, says they wanted to revive the space upon noticing the furniture was well worn.

Dr. Craig sitting in a chair, smiling, with hands rested on a white table
HSS Interim Dean Dr. Ailsa Craig says a dedicated space for students helps support students in their work and also in building the HSS community.
Photo: Rich Blenkinsopp

Well-worn furniture was both proof the space was being well used and an impetus to spruce it up, now that more and more classes are being offered on campus again.

“Having a dedicated space for students helps support students in their work, and also in building our HSS community,” said Dr. Craig.

“University is not just about the classes you attend — it never has been. The time spent in shared space with others pursuing their degree provides the possibility of informal peer support, creating positive connections, and building new friendships.”

At the time of HSS Commons’ opening in 2016, the focus was on converting the space from its previous use to a student lounge space.

Now, it is all set for students to pick their favourite spot, and there are plans for a few more final touches.

View of room with bright blue walls and a variety of seating options
There are a variety of individual or group seating options with table space for meetings or studying.
Photo: Rich Blenkinsopp

The HSS Commons is open during regular campus hours. Students interested in additional spaces should read more about the Digital Learning Centre.

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