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More than $23,000 in sponsorships for student teams at Memorial

Student Life

By Jackey Locke

The first annual Student Design Showcase brought in more than $23,000 in sponsorships, donations and in-kind support for student teams at Memorial.

The event, held on May 18, was organized by Memorial’s Student Design Hub, a collaborative manufacturing and assembly space on Memorial’s St. John’s campus. The hub was created to provide support to any undergraduate or graduate student competing in student-centred competitions or developing products as part of a startup.

The hub supports students in many areas. It provides them with access to equipment, prototyping spaces and creating tailored content. It also provides inspiration, guidance and connections to help students bring design and artistic projects to life.

“I am thrilled with the success of the first annual Student Design Showcase,” said Kyle Doody, engineer-in-residence, Student Design Hub. “We were very fortunate to have representatives attend from local industry, many of whom decided to contribute to the future success of our students. We’re very excited about the positive feedback we received both from attendees and students, so we’re hoping to continue to host this event every year and well into the future.”

Six teams, Paradigm Engineering; Eastern Edge Robotics; MUN RoboSub; FMUNTenth; Phoenix Aerospace; and MUN Concrete Toboggan, which comprised of students from the faculties of Business Administration, Science, and Engineering and Applied Science, each presented five-minute pitches and answered tough questions from attendees.

Ten people gather around a concrete toboggan frame and hold up their Best in Show award plaque.
Members of the MUN Concrete Toboggan Team, with Kyle Doody and Adam Keating, present its Best in Show award.
Photo: Jackey Locke

The award for Best in Show went to the MUN Concrete Toboggan.

“The Student Design Hub Showcase is exactly the type of event student teams at Memorial need to gain traction in the community,” said Billy Barnes, co-captain and steering and braking lead of the MUN Concrete Toboggan Team. “Bringing in notable community partners who can provide funding, mentorship or hardware access will help student teams reach and surpass their goals.”

Mr. Barnes also said the event is a fantastic opportunity for teams to practice presenting their team goals and outcomes in a professional manner, especially when looking forward to their respective competitions.

“Engineering is a profession built upon teamwork and collaboration and this event supports that ethos by linking professional engineers with the next generation,” he added. “I can’t praise Kyle Doody enough for organizing this event that hopefully becomes a fixture in the community to provide teams consistent support.”

After the pitches, participants and attendees networked in the newly created Student Design Hub Prototyping Laboratory.

“The students who participated in this event often go above and beyond in everything they do and giving them the chance to showcase that to local industry was a really exciting opportunity,” said Mr. Doody. “The students who participate competitively at the international level develop in-demand technical skills, as well as the confidence they need to become leaders not only here in Newfoundland and Labrador but across the globe.”

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