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Under the wire

Team effort to ensure student graduates with her class — and picks up her Governor General’s award

Student Life

By Kelly Foss and Jill Hunt

Lauren Winsor’s transcript arrived in the nick of time.

At 5:05 p.m. on Friday, May 25, Memorial’s Office of the Registrar received the B.Sc.(Hons.) psychology student’s grades from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, paving the way for her to graduate a mere four days later at Memorial’s spring 2018 convocation ceremonies.

Lauren Winsor
Lauren Winsor
Photo: Mike Ritter

Ms. Winsor had just completed her last semester of study on May 22 as a Killam Exchange student. The program allows exceptional undergraduate students to participate in a bi-national academic exchange between Canada and the United States.

In mid-February, Ms. Winsor reached out to Maria Murray, Memorial’s associate registrar for graduation, explaining Wellesley’s schedule for the winter semester, which runs from late January to late May, and to inquire about the possible impact on her graduation.

“I really wanted to graduate on time to avoid any unnecessary stress,” said Ms. Winsor. “I also wanted to celebrate with my friends that I have made throughout my undergraduate career before we all move on to the next phases of our lives.”

Added pressure

Partway through the semester, Ms. Winsor also received acceptance into the doctor of medicine program at Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine.

Her acceptance meant added pressure for her to graduate on time.

“We knew we had to do whatever was necessary to make graduation happen for her.” — Maria Murray

Ms. Winsor knew that the medicine program requires incoming students to achieve at least a B grade in all of their courses in the semester preceding the program start, and proof they have attained a bachelor’s degree by the time classes begin in August.

“Ms. Winsor was an exceptional student, and these were exceptional circumstances,” Ms. Murray said. “We knew we had to do whatever was necessary to make graduation happen for her.”

The day before she was scheduled to walk across the stage to receive her diploma, Ms. Windsor received confirmation that her transcript was received, her transfer credits granted and that she was approved to graduate.

Team effort

That same day, she received a call from Judy Casey, manager of the Scholarships and Awards Office at Memorial.

Ms. Casey informed her that she would receive the Governor General’s Academic Medal the following day during her convocation ceremony. The award recognizes the undergraduate student with the highest standing in the entire graduating class.

“Ms. Winsor has been the recipient of several scholarships and awards throughout her university career,” said Ms. Casey. “She was on our radar for potential convocation awards given her outstanding academic performance. We are truly delighted that everything came together for her as it did.”

“It was a real team effort that came together to ensure Ms. Winsor graduated and was recognized for her achievement,” added Ms. Murray. “Everyone from Graduation, Admissions, Student Recruitment, and Scholarships and Awards to Marketing & Communications and Printing Services played a role.”

The effort wasn’t lost on Ms. Winsor.

“This was really a great surprise to close out my undergraduate career. I am very grateful to everyone — at Memorial and at Wellesley — who were involved in making my graduation happen on such short notice, and allowing me to celebrate with my friends and family.”

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