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Mask update

Mask mandate suspension effective Wednesday, June 1

Campus and Community

Memorial will end the requirement for masks on all campuses effective tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1.

Similar to other public bodies, masks will continue to be strongly recommended in buildings.

Please be respectful of others’ choices.

Masks still available on campus

Memorial is committed to providing masks for those who wish to continue to wear one.

Units are encouraged to stock disposable masks if a member of the community requires one.

Three-ply and N95 masks can be requested through the Strategic Procurement Office at opencalls@mun.ca.

If you have questions regarding proper mask fit or related inquiries, please contact health.safety@mun.ca.

Masks are still required in the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre and when entering health-care facilities.

Convocation attendees

Graduates and guests at this week’s convocation are still encouraged, but not required, to wear masks.

Memorial is also suspending the Procedure for Vaccine Requirement on June 1 at 12:01 a.m.

Memorial’s leadership appreciates the co-operation and support of the campus community throughout the pandemic.

This exceptional response has helped keep our campuses safe.

Memorial will continue to monitor guidance, related legislation and epidemiology to guide any future decisions related to COVID-19 response.

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