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Heaslip happiness

International students scoop up major awards at annual ceremony

Teaching and Learning

By Janet Harron

Memorial’s international students are big winners when it comes to the 2016 Heaslip Scholarships.

Made possible by a generous donations from the William and Nona Heaslip Foundation, two scholarships valued at $15,000 and renewable for an additional two years, were awarded to Mira Raatikainen, a political science student from Finland, and Liliane Umuhozam, an economics student from Rawanda, at the recent Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s List celebrations.

From left, Dr. Wade Locke, Liliane Umuhozam and Dr. Lynne Phillips.
From left, Dr. Wade Locke, Liliane Umuhozam and Dr. Lynne Phillips.
Photo: Chris Hammond

Classics student Marina Schmidt from Germany had her Heaslip renewed for the second time. Other recipients included Newfoundlander Danielle Dan, who majors in French, and Aaron Pearce, a political science major.

Largest undergraduate scholarship

Heaslip Scholarships are awarded to two students annually who are registered for full-time studies, have scholarship standing, are in financial need and have demonstrated outstanding involvement in university and/or community affairs.

They are renewable for an additional two years provided the above noted requirements continue to be demonstrated. The Heaslip is the largest scholarship available to Memorial undergraduates; preference is given to students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

From left, Dr. Alex Marland and Heaslip winner Mira Raatikainen.
From left, Dr. Alex Marland and Heaslip winner Mira Raatikainen.
Photo: submitted

Ms. Raatikainen has not yet fully grasped the significance of receiving the Heaslip, but is already making plans.

“I was recently accepted to the honours program, and I was unsure whether or not I would be able to pay for the couple extra courses it entails. Now, thanks to the Heaslip, I will not have to pass up on completing my honours course work and thesis,” said Ms. Raatikainen, who now plans to complete the certificate in public policy.

The Heaslip has had a major impact on this international student.

“I will be blunt; I want to stay in Newfoundland and Canada and build a career here. The Heaslip will allow me to gain the best assets to make this happen, and for me to be able to contribute to Canada and Newfoundland in the same capacity Newfoundland and Canada have contributed to me.”

The entire 2015-16 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s List can be viewed here. Photos are available on the faculty’s Facebook page.

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